The Wood Couture Story

The Wood Couture story began in 1989 with the founding of Cheng Fong Enterprises(s) Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company with its roots in the supply and installation of Solid Timber Flooring. Over the years, the range of services expanded to include supply and installation of Engineered Timber Floor, Composite Timber Decking and Vinyl Floor. As customers’ flooring needs become increasingly sophisticated, Wood Couture’s range of premium flooring materials was born, reaffirming our commitment to supply quality products and reliable services.

At Wood Couture, we believe that having the right floor finish is paramount to the overall design of the space. Flooring solutions at Wood Couture comes in a variety of material, designs and installation options, ensuring that our customers are spoiled with choices to create their desired ambience in their living and working space.

Floors are the first thing that people come into contact with when they enter a space and it is the most used surface in homes or offices. Good flooring is expected to withstand constant rugged usage while maintaining its beauty and sublime quality. We have been in the wood industry for more than 3 decades and our products are the epitome of quality, made to meet our client’s stringent flooring requirements.

Flooring is a long-term investment, and a suitable floor can save the owner from much hassle and time needed to replace it for a long time. A well deliberated flooring option will save you more money in the long run. Please contact us at Wood Couture and let us help you start saving now!